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A Virtual Tour of Green River Botanical

During this beautiful summer season, the hemp farms in and around Asheville an incredible sight. (Especially Green River Botanical!) Hidden in the mountains, they are not something that many people

A Virtual Tour of Green River Botanical2020-07-23T17:37:13+00:00

Last Prisoner Project

Read about the Last Prisoner Project here: Clearly, we are members of the cannabis industry. This is an industry that blew up in record breaking time. With legalization becoming a

Last Prisoner Project2020-06-16T15:10:12+00:00

Honeysuckle: Southern Nostalgia Turned Natural Medicine

Honeysuckle plants are something that almost anyone in the southern United States has a fond childhood memory of. Smelling the buttery sweet aroma in the air during the spring, plucking

Honeysuckle: Southern Nostalgia Turned Natural Medicine2020-06-01T16:40:56+00:00

Cannabis History In Egypt

Egypt’s history is one of the most interesting in the world. From incredible architecture to medicine and forms of science that were far more advanced than those around them, Egypt

Cannabis History In Egypt2020-05-28T23:03:50+00:00

Cannabis History In India

Cannabis has an incredibly unique history in every country, India being one of the more unrecognized! It is mentioned in historical texts as early as 2000 to 1400 BC, and

Cannabis History In India2020-05-28T22:59:02+00:00

CBN: A New Wave of Natural Medicine

CBD is, of course, one of the most popular plant medicines of our time, and it keeps on growing. However, CBN is a new form of cannabis healing for those

CBN: A New Wave of Natural Medicine2020-05-28T23:54:32+00:00

Local Farmer Spotlight- Green River Botanicals

At Asheville Hemp Farms, we adore our local farmers and cannot speak highly enough about them. Green River Botanicals is one of the founding hemp farms in Western North

Local Farmer Spotlight- Green River Botanicals2020-05-28T23:40:54+00:00
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