How To Find A Legal CBD Product

CBD is a brand new market, and a very exciting one at that. New products and testimonials are coming out every day. However, it’s very similar to another up and coming market that, in many states, can land you in jail: marijuana. In many ways, the marijuana industry and the CBD/hemp industry work hand in hand. The science of one will produce a product for the other. But this can create a grey area for many customers in states where THC content is not legal or readily available to your average customer. CBD and THC products can look almost identical, and many don’t understand the difference. So, when people see a CBD dispensary full of hemp flower in jars, and bottles of tincture that have that iconic leaf on the label, it can raise a lot of concerns and questions.

After the 2018 farm bill, hemp is now fully legal as an agricultural product. On its own, hemp can be an incredible resource, and even potentially solve the deforestation crisis. But, when bred and grown the right way, it can become a flowering plant. When those flowers are harvested, you have the raw CBD product. Before it hits the market, or is even made into a consumable product, each harvest of CBD flower must be sent to a processing facility. This facility will create a report for each farmer indicating percentages of each chemical component and traces of any dangerous and unwanted ingredients (pesticide sprays, GMO’s, etc.). Every CBD company MUST have these test results posted for each batch of each product. If you’re confused on what to look for, here is a great example of a CBD company’s official lab results. This is the first step into making sure your product is safe and legal to have. Some customers even keep a copy of the lab results on hand, just in case they run into any issues. 

These results may be extremely confusing to look at, and have a lot of information that your average consumer may not know how to understand. If you get lost or concerned about the lab results from a company, the only part you need to worry about is the THC content. Yes, in almost all CBD products, there will be a THC percentage. This is still totally legal in almost all states. Much like the industrial hemp plant, CBD plants naturally contain THC because of their genetic structure. Many CBD strains are initially bred with a very low THC marijuana plant, and then bred with lower and lower content plants, until the THC level is brought to .3% or lower for each harvest. As long as you see that .3% on your product’s test results, you are in the clear! Most products in non legal states even put this percentage on the bottle as clearly as possible. 

Finding the right products that are legal in your state is a great step into the world of CBD. but some of the bigger questions are: will this show up on my drug test? Will i get arrested if i get pulled over with CBD? While these questions are valid, neither are something to be worried about as long as you have bought your CBD from a trusted source. For every batch of raw CBD flower, there is only .3% THC, which equals out to an incredibly small percentage in your bottle of tincture, or you pack of pre-rolled cones. The THC content will never be enough to trigger any kind of work or government drug test to give a THC positive result. In fact, that’s why many people who do take mandatory tests turn to CBD. When it comes to getting pulled over, or interacting with the police, your best option is to keep the CBD in its original packaging. It should have enough labelling to ensure an officer that it is a CBD product only. If you don’t have the packaging for your product, find the companies test results online and print a copy. 

CBD is a very new market, and as long as we can be responsible and safe with our choice of product and how we use it, it can be one of the best alternative medicine markets in the country. If you are still confused, or have any extra questions, feel free to stop by our shop in downtown Asheville, or shoot us an email at . Don’t forget to enjoy the process of cannabis education.

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