'Otherside Hemp' Full Moon Honey Serum

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This oil is 660mg of Full Spectrum CBD, a perfect dosage for mood and anxiety. This product has quickly become a staff favorite for its sweet honey taste and for the amount of effort and passion that has gone into the process. We recommend starting with 1/2 of a dropper full twice a day under the tongue. Try this dosage for about two weeks before evaluating how you feel! From there, you can customize your dosage to suit you and your needs perfectly!

This is a tincture unlike any other. The honey infusion stems from an ancient recipe handed down by a Mexican-Guatemalan Curandera (Traditional Medicine Person).

It begins on the New Moon with prayers and then depending on its intention, the physical medicine-making starts on a specific moon phase and ends when its done. Anywhere from 1 to 3 moon phases is the usual "cooking time." The total process ends on the Wisdom Moon, ensuring the final blessing of the ancient ones.

This 1:3:2:1:1 batch blesses you with the power of the Full Moon light to heal. It ends with Joy/Gratitude for its work in your body and soul.

Based right here in Leicester, NC, Otherside hemp is an organic farm working to grow hemp for natural medicine, food, fiber, and housing. Their plants are grown with zero pesticides, chemicals, or unnatural components, and the quality is very apparent in their full spectrum tincture.