Asheville Hemp Project Pre-roll pack

Asheville Hemp Project Pre-roll pack


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A delicious pre roll pack grown and rolled right here in Asheville, NC.

These pre-rolls are rolled much like a cigarette, and have a cardboard filter tube rather than a cotton filter, to give you the hit of a joint without the inconsistent burn.

A great option for those who use hemp flower as their made delivery method, or for those who want to quit smoking tobacco.

29 in stock

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Grown and made right here in Asheville, NC, these pre rolls are an affordable, smooth, and convenient way to ingest CBD daily!

With ten (10) pre-rolls in each pack, these are a great option for someone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes, or for someone who smokes CBD on a daily basis. They are rolled in an unbleached hemp paper, and have a unique cardboard filter. They look identical to a cigarette, without the thick cotton filter. It provides a clean, strong hit without the inconsistent burn and wet filter of a cone-style pre roll! This is a blend of Hawaiian Haze and T1, both of which are a mild and earthy sativa hybrid with a mild citrus aftertaste. approx. 100mg of CBD in each pre roll.

Asheville Hemp Project is a local company that grows, cures, and packages all of their products on site. Their flower is grown organically, with no pesticides, heavy metals, or other toxins.

When it comes to smokeable forms of CBD, there is not a specific dosage. We suggest starting small, and only taking one or two puffs, and waiting a few minutes to evaluate how you feel and how much CBD flower is right for you!

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