Bhumi CBD Infused Chocolate Variety Pack

Bhumi CBD Infused Chocolate Variety Pack


From our wonderful neighbors at French Broad Cannabis Co. comes a gourmet chocolate experience infused with 20mg of CBD in each piece!

These variety packs are a great introduction into high quality CBD edibles, as they are a mid-range dosage that will help with anxiety, pain, and relaxation, but will not be too sedative or make you feel lethargic. The Dark chocolate packs are vegan, and all ingredients are organic and fair trade!

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From our Friends at French Broad Cannabis Co. Comes a gourmet chocolate sample pack of all their delicious flavors! Each piece contains 20mg of locally sourced, full spectrum CBD oil along with organic fair trade ingredients.

The white chocolate pack contains one White Matcha, one White Peppermint, and one White Raspberry. The dark chocolate pack contains one Belgian Dark, one Dark orange, and one Dark Cayenne Blueberry! The dark chocolate packs are certified vegan.

We recommend starting with one segment of the chocolate. With any edible, it is best to savor it in your mouth for longer than you would a normal chocolate, to give your body the opportunity to absorb as much CBD as possible before it is digested and passed. The 10mg squares are a great dosage for stress and anxiety management, as well as mood elevation, headaches, and stomach cramps.

Bhumi is a women run company dedicated to providing natural medicine and fighting to preserve the care of our community and planet. a small percentage of every purchase is donated to local forest and wildlife preservation groups. They pride themselves in being able to trace every ingredient in their products directly to the source, all of which is thoroughly tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals.

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