Bhumi Herbal Infusion CBD Tinctures

Bhumi Herbal Infusion CBD Tinctures


From our wonderful neighbors at French Broad Cannabis Co. comes a selection of travel sized oils specifically designed for different ailments using herb extract and essential oil blends!

Tranquil oil for calming and sleep, Thrive oil for pain management and releif, Goddess oil for feminine health both physical and mental, and Present oil for the immune system and brain function! These oils are a great way to experiment with all forms of natural medicine in one convenient bottle!

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From our friends at French Broad Cannabis Co. comes a travel size tincture with a powerful blend of carefully selected herb extracts as well as 200mg of locally sourced, organic CBD!

-Present oil- this oil is designed for immunity support and brain health! Incorporating Cordyceps, Ashwaganda, Gingko leaf, Gotu Kola, Spearmint leaf, and peppermint essential oil. This is a very energizing and minty oil that is great for taking before work or a workout!

-Goddess oil- this oil is designed for feminine health at all point of life. One of the Asheville Farms staff has been using it to treat the side effects of hormone based birth control and has been having incredible results! Incorporating Dong quai root, black cohosh root, raspberry leaf, chaste tree berry, lemon essential oil and lavender essential oil. This is a citrus herbal tincture that is great for hormonal mood swings, menstrual cramps, and pain in the breast/uterine tissue!

-Tranquil oil- This oil is designed to calm the mind and body and promote a healthy, natural sleep cycle. Incorporating Valerian root, kava kava root, passionflower, California poppy flower, ginger and lemon essential oil. This is a great bottle to keep by your bed to take before sleep!

-Thrive oil- This oil is designed to help manage physical ailments and manage tension in the muscles and joints. Incorporating turmeric root, Valerian root, white willow bark, black pepper fruit, and orange essential oil. This bottle is a great way to try CBD for chronic pain management!

With any oil, the dosage is tailored specifically to you! We recommend starting with a dropper full under the tongue. Hold it under the tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing. Try this dosage once a day when you feel it is an appropriate time for about a week. Take the time to evaluate what you are/aren’t noticing before playing with what dosage time and amount is best for you!

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