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Dogg-Eaze Large Bag


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A large size bag of hand made, gluten free, human grade CBD dog treats.

Perfect for older dogs in pain, anxious dogs, or pups with moderate to severe allergies.

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Based in Oregon, Dogg-Eaze has created a human grade, hand made dog biscuit for your pet that not only provides the healing powers of CBD, but gives them essential vitamins and proteins that aren’t in generic dog food.

Each biscuit contains 2mg of full spectrum CBD oil, eggs, peanut butter, pumpkin, honey, parsley, and dried milk. All of their dog products are gluten free, and perfect for dogs on diet restrictions.

When it comes to pet CBD, there is no specific dosage. Dogg-Eaze recommends that dogs under 25lbs should take one a day, under 50 should have two a day, and 75 or more pounds should have three. We suggest giving your dog one and seeing how they react, and decide when or how many to give them.


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