Green River Botanicals CBD Flower

Green River Botanicals CBD Flower


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From our close personal friends at Green River Botanicals come a USDA certified organic hemp flower. Grown just west of town in Candler, NC, this flower is rich in flavor, smell, and potency!

The Asheville Farms family has personally helped in planting, cultivating, and harvesting this flower, and we are extremely proud of its high quality!

CBD flower is perfect for those who are looking to quit smoking tobacco, or those with severe anxiety!

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This is a product that means quite a lot to us at Asheville Hemp Farms. Our owners and staff have personally helped plant, cultivate, and trim this product. Grown just west of Asheville in Candler, Green River Botanicals CBD flower is USDA certified organic, and grown in small batch greenhouse and outdoor harvests.

This flower comes in two strains- Lifter and Cherry Mom. Lifter is a sativa hybrid, and is nice at any point in the day to elevate your mood. It has a mild pineapple flavor underneath the piney hemp taste. Cherry mom is an indica hybrid, and is best known for its extremely sweet and tart taste and smell! A small amount can be helpful to relieve anxiety, and a larger amount helps greatly for sleep.

Inhaling CBD in any form is a much more immediately effective than any other delivery method. start with one small puff and give yourself a few minutes to see how this makes you feel. From there you have a point to base how much you smoke off of!

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Lifter, Cherry Mom


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