High Culture Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower

High Culture Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower


A one gram pre-roll filled with high quality flower grown right here in Asheville, NC!

This Cherry Mom indica strain flower was grown indoors in a hydroponic, environment-controlled setting! These high tech growing methods produce a sweet, tart, and incredibly smooth flower that is great for cannabis beginners or daily users!


Grown right here in Asheville, NC, these pre-rolls contain hemp flower that has been expertly grown by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Determined to go above and beyond health and safety regulations, their plants are grown in an extremely high tech indoor, hydroponic environment. Growing indoors means no chance of pests, insects, or pathogens touching the plant, as well as having full control over the climate! These expert growing methods are definitely showcased in these pre-rolls.

These pre-rolls come in the classic strain Cherry Mom. Cherry Mom was one of the first more popular strains of CBD here in North Carolina, which means that farmers have has time to perfect the art of growing this plant to have the most flavorful and smooth buds. Cherry Mom is an indica hybrid, and very popular for pain, sleep, and more severe anxiety. With a sweet, powerful smell, and a woody, tart flavor, this is a great strain for beginners or regular CBD users!


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