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Liver Snap Dog Biscuits


A liver based crunchy dog biscuit packed with a potent 10mg of locally extracted CBD!

These treats are handmade here in WNC, and are perfect for dogs above 50lbs, or dogs with severe pain/anxiety.

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Hand made in our neighboring town of Waynesville, NC, these treats contain 10mg of full spectrum CBD each. These biscuits are considered high potency, as most dog treats only contain 2mg. We recommend this product for dogs above 50lbs, or with severe pain/anxiety.

For pain, begin with one treat after your pets “breakfast” each day. try this for about 5 days to gauge the effects, and up the dosage to an additional treat after your pets “dinner” if needed. For anxiety, begin by giving a treat about 30 minutes before a “triggering” situation (storm, car rides, being home alone, etc). gauge their reaction and up the dosage to two treats 30 minutes before a “triggering” experience if needed.

Each biscuit contains 10mg of CBD, 149mg of protein, 396mg of fat, 270mg of fiber, and 11 calories.

Full ingredients list: Chicken livers, barley flour, organic whole wheat flour, egg, chicken broth, non-fat milk, CO2 extracted CBD oil, no preservatives.


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