Otherside Hemp Immunity Support Tonic

Otherside Hemp Immunity Support Tonic


From our dear friends at Otherside Hemp in Sandy Mush, NC! This is an organic blend of herbs and fungi designed as a great way to start your day!

This serum is made with love and traditional spiritual intentions, “baptized” during the full moon, making it a great gift for those who love herbal and natural medicine!


This Immune Support Serum is hand-crafted following an ancient tradition in small batches. The process for this medicine started with prayer on the New/Dark Moon, then was “cooked” on the Transformation Moon, and completed simmering on the Stillness Moon; one full lunar cycle. This imparts the qualities of positive change being absorbed deep into the body and soul. Stillness and rest are crucial for strengthening the immune system. Thus, the healing properties of Mushrooms (Turkey Tail) and Elderberry can transform the body, mind and soul. Made by our friends at Otherside Hemp farms in Sandy Mush, NC.

Special handling of this serum was necessary because Sambucus (Elderberry) is considered an elder in the plant kingdom. Following this elder protocol ensures this product is the best available and, without which, Sambuca’s healing properties cannot be absorbed properly. The finished medicine was “baptized” by Hurricane Sally rain water under the Wisdom Moon. This shows respect for an elder (Elderberry). Elderberry was also the first and last ingredient in the formulation. This serum can be taken alone, or mixed with tea, coffee, or any other beverage to add a sweet immune support shot!

Contains Fresh-Foraged Sambucus, Trametes Versicolor (turkeytail mushrooms), Hemp Flower, Sandy Mush Honey, Glycerin, Moon Rain Water and Prayers.

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