Rock-n-Roots Hibiscus Mint CBD Infused Tea Blend

Rock-n-Roots Hibiscus Mint CBD Infused Tea Blend


An organic tea grown and made in Colorado, designed to refresh your mind, body and soul!

At over 60mg of CBD in each serving, this tea is a potent edible, made to be served cold during the summer! A great gift for the CBD enthusiast in your life!



Based in Colorado, Rock n Roots is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality hemp and CBD products for the lowest price, so everyone can medicate within their budget!

This hibiscus mint tea is meant to be served cold, as a sun tea. The herbal mixture along with some powdered coconut oil will provide a powerful cooling effect to the body, as well ass aiding in digestion, muscle tension, and anxiety!

Full ingredients list-  Organic Spearmint, Organic Rooibos, Organic Peppermint, Rock N’ Roots Farm Hemp(for CBD variety) Organic Hibiscus, Organic MCT powder

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