Rock n Roots farm is based in Colorado, and is dedicated to environmental sustainability and offering high quality products at an extremely budget friendly price.

Their classic formula comes in 500mg, 1000mg, and 1800mg in both Classic hemp flavor and a crisp peppermint flavor! The classic flavor is made with just CBD and MCT coconut oil, and the peppermint includes just a hint of peppermint essential oil.

Rock n Roots also makes a specialty “deep rest” formula that is specific to their farm! It is designed with Valerian root, kava root extract, and 500mg of full spectrum CBD! Kava is a root that has been used in southeast Asia for hundreds of years to promote relaxation and an elevated mood.

We recommend a 500mg bottle of oil for those who are new to CBD, and the 1000 or 1800mg oil for people who are experienced with a high daily dosage of CBD!