Simply Extract 1500mg Oil

Simply Extract 1500mg Oil


A high potency oil made by a member of the Asheville Farms Family here in Asheville, NC!

This oil is infused with natural flavors of lemon and mint, making it ideal for those who need a high potency oil, but do not enjoy the natural cannabis flavor.

organic, full spectrum, and third party lab tested to ensure the highest quality.


Made by our friend and member of the Asheville Hemp Farm family, Simply extract is based right here in Asheville, NC and is a perfect high potency oil for any customer. This oil is made with a  a full spectrum of synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes to optimize your wellness.

Simply Extract blends their oil with organic MCT and a blend of organic terpenes to give it a mild but enjoyable hint of lemon and mint. This has become a staff favorite for its refreshing taste and help with stress, quality of sleep, and chronic back and joint pain. Any oil with a peppermint extract added is beneficial for stomach and headaches!

For a high dosage like this, we recommend that people start small. Begin with 1/4 of a dropper full in the morning, 1/4 of the dropper full around midday, and 1/2 of the dropper full about an hour before bed. Be sure to hold the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. Try this dosage for about two weeks before evaluating how you are reacting, and then feel free to adjust and experiment with the dosage to suit your personal needs!

This oil contains organic sunflower lecithin.


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