The Living Trees Sleep Capsules

The Living Trees Sleep Capsules


A vegan softgel capsule with zero THC, designed to get you to sleep as naturally as possible!

Made by our friends at The Living Trees Hemp in Asheville, NC!


These vegan softgels were designed to bring together sleep inducing compounds with CBD to help get a natural night’s sleep. Made by The Living Trees, based right here in Asheville, NC!

The active ingredients found in The Living Trees sleep Softgels are: Broad Spectrum CBD: NO THC, just CBD. Melatonin, Suanzaoren ( A popular herb used in China to treat insomnia) Danshen: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help blood circuation, typically in synergy with Suanzaoren. Pinene: a powerful terpene popularly used for it’s mild euphoric properties, and Limonene- popularly used for it’s anti-inflammatory and stress relief properties.

Each bottle contains 750mg of CBD, Each softgel contains 25mg, 30 Count per bottle. These capsules are a fantastic option if you cannot have any THC in your system, but still want to experience the sleep aid aspects of cannabis!

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