Bhumi 1500 mg oil

French Broad cannabis

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Made by our friends at French Broad Cannabis in Brevard, NC! 

This is a 1500mg full spectrum CBD oil that comes in a variety of options, each one using other herbal tinctures and food safe essential oils to make each bottle specific to your preferences! 

Thrive- 750mg of full spectrum CBD with tumeric root, black pepper fruit, valerian root, white willow bark, and orange oil

Tranquil- 750mg of full spectrum CBD with valerian root, scullcap, passionflower, california poppy flower, ginger oil, and lemon oil

Present- 750mg of full spectrum CBD with cordycepts fruiting body, ginkgo leaf, ashwagandha root, gotu kola areial parts, spearmint leaf, peppermint oil

Earth- 750mg of full spectrum CBD oil 

Goddess- 750mg of full spectrum CBD with dong quai root, black cohosh root, raspberry leaf, chaste tree berry, lemon oil, and lavender oil.