Bhumi Delta-8/ Delta 9/CBN Chocolates

French Broad cannabis

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Our most popular local, women owned company, based right here in the heart of WNC! 

This is a great way to sample their full range of cannabis edibles, one serving at time! 

Available in- 25mg Delta 8 (Dark chocolate Peppermint, Dark chocolate Tiramisu, White chocolate Chai, and White chocolate Blueberry Lemon)

10mg Delta 9 (Dark Chocolate Pomegranate) 

10mg Delta 9/10mg CBD (Dark chocolate Orange, White chocolate Peppermint) 

10mg Delta 9/20mg CBG/50mg Caffiene (White chocolate Peppermint)

40mg THCV/20mg L-Theanine (White chocolate peppermint)

20mg CBN (Dark Chocolate Peppermint)